Tuesday, September 30, 2014

delicious texture!

Marcelle has been busy again! Look at this stunning teddy bear quilt. Measuring 66" x 64" this is a lovely sized quilt for a child.

These bears are soft, cute and cuddly, everything a bear should be. Marcelle asked for cross hatching in the background blocks, I did so using a variegated Madeira thread, this was also used for the feathered border. Polyester 'Soft and Bright' batting was used.

I don't often use contrasting threads as it can be risky for several reasons, but I love the risk I took and thankfully Marcelle was delighted! The thread is in soft pinks, greens, yellows and blues, not entirely visible in the photo's.

For the background of the bears I quilted a loopy meander. Look at that face, so lovable!
The quilt is a design by Sewjo Designs, called: "A Daisy A Day".

Marcelle tells me the pattern has a different saying that she was not over the moon about so she changed to : "Round and Round the Garden Went the Teddy Bear, One Step, Two Step, Tickle Under There".
Perfect don't you think?

                       Why not a few more feathers? And how about some more flowers?

                             I love the backing fabric, it seems to complement the quilt so well.

While taking photo's, the supervisor was on duty......................................................

Next up is Elizabeth's cosy lap quilt. A few years ago Elizabeth fell in love with the fabric and had to buy some (sound familiar???) later finding the perfect pattern in a magazine.

Elizabeth asked for an all over design of leaves, flowers, and tendrils. I did so free hand, which is always fun! For the border, feathers!

I used a soft beige variegated Gunold thread over wool batting. The quilt measures 48" square.
Thanks so much Elizabeth, lovely to hear you have the binding on and you are enjoying the quilt.

Thank you for stopping by and to all who contacted me when my blog and email vanished! They were a scary few days! My thanks goes to my husband for his persistence to sort this for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Chic and a taste of New Zealand

First up is another quilt Cat made. Made from scraps and made when she desperately needed some 'me time'.

Cat asked for an all over design through the middle of the quilt, then something for the borders.................Through the middle I quilted an all over swirl, inspired by Judi Marsden, then a loose stipple on the spotty border.

                       This quilt measures 82" x 92", cotton batting and Madeira threads.

The back.......................................

Next is a quilt my accountant ask me to make from a kit she brought from Bernina, called 'Our Place'.
Diane's sister-in-law is a quilter living in Australia and has a special birthday coming up, so Diane thought it would be nice for her to receive a quilt all of her very own, as you know, we quilters love making quilts for others, but not so much for ourselves!

The quilt top came together quickly, then I got on with the quilting. I used cotton batting, Maderia threads to feather the black 'zigzags' and the feather border. For the feature fabric's I used Maderia's invisible thread for the winding loops.

For a bit of 'zing' I chose to use a contrasing thread in red for the swirl/feather on the black sashing, I think it brings out the reds in the feature fabrics. After I completed all the quilting I moved on to attaching the binding, then making the label, lastly hand stitching the binding in place.
The quilt measures 58" x 58".

Diane was delighted, lets hope her sister-in-law is too!

Back soon, more quilts to show you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A happy weekend for me.

Last weekend I went in one of these....................................

to visit with someone special..........................

My Granddaughter! So wonderful to have time with her. She was keen to finish her stitchery she started months ago. Granny suggested when it was finished I could make it into a cushion or a bag. The wee fairy said: " a bag please granny!" So that's on my 'do-very-soon' list.
The weather was cold, very cold, windy, raining and hailing, but that didn't stop us having fun! We coloured in, created with play dough (which of course I had to 'sample' the things made to look like food.......thank goodness the wee Fairy is happy when granny pretends!), played shops and headed out for a play at Mcdonalds play ground, thankfully it is under cover.
While out and about we did visit a lovely patchwork shop, owned and operated by Michele from her lovely old villa. Michele treated us so well, I love shops that make you feel welcome.

A lovely mix of fabrics but leaning towards country style, notions and kits and I loved this tea trolley brimming with china cups for quenching ones thirst!

The Fairy found heaven.............buttons! We had to have some of them for the bag!

You can find Michele's delightful shop 'Wildflower Creations' over at her Facebook page here.

On my way back to the airport I did stop to take these breath taking photo's.................................

See the peek of sun rising up to create a wee cap on the top of the mountain. Zero degrees outside!!
I few minutes up the road another stop.............................

Thanks for sharing my happy weekend. Back soon with quilt photo's, I have several finished and they have been placed in the arms of their owners.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Antique lace and a mystery quilt

Hello friends and readers, nice to have you stop by!
Barbara has been busy finishing quilts ready for Christmas presents, she knows to get her quilts to her quilter nice and early!
Barbara attended another class at The Country Yard some months back to make this beautiful quilt.

Barbara has used some exquisite laces and doiley's, some her grandmother had made, some from her own wedding dress, many she didn't have the heart to cut up, so she kept them whole and will add antique buttons and beads to hold those areas of quilt together.

Barbara chose her favourite batting, bamboo/cotton. I used a soft beige Madeira thread to 'doodle', loops, feathers, hearts and flowers. The quilt measures : 76" x 76". Barbara tells me she will add some hand embroidery as another embellishment.

Oh my, I see some feathers escaped out onto the border!!! Thank goodness Barbara likes my feathers!

The outer cornerstones received some swirled feathers in a contrasting thread.
You might remember several weeks back I quilted Joanne's Anitque Lace quilt, see here. Also, here for the class sample.
 Now a couple of 'out in the garden' photo's.

Thanks you Barbara, the family member receiving this stunning quilt will cherish it for sure, what a special family heirloom.

Next up is a quilt I quilted for Kerryn at The Country Yard. Friday night was one of her famous 'midnight madness' classes. The following quilt was what the ladies made on the evening.
I understand lots of fun and laughter were had, along with a few silly antics!

I used Jamie Wallen's all over simple swirl in a variegated Gunold thread in goldish/cream tones, over cotton batting, this quilt measures 64" x 64". Finished off with a curling ribbon on the border.

Thank you Kerryn.

Here in New Zealand we are starting spring, here in Northland however, we are experiencing rain! So much it seems. I had two days this week of sort-of-fineish weather when I should have got out and mowed the lawn, but I just procrastinated about the job and continued quilting my clients quilts. The ground is very wet outside and today has a chill in the air. I did scoot out to take a couple of photo's of a few things that are blooming in my garden.

 This glorious Magnolia, I just adore the colour. We are so happy that this tree is flowering as it was one we transplanted a couple of months back. Not so much joy for our Kowhai tree, it seems it has passed away. (insert sad face)

This wee ground cover is so happy, with it's tiny mauve flowers and cheerfulness and memories of my Mum in her better days, gardening away the day. This was a plant she always had in her garden, not sure of the name? Never the less it's my 'Mum's' plant.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday wherever you are, no matter the weather, enjoy the day!