Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A mystery quilt revealed and a new life for a vintage linen...............................

Hi there quilt watchers and makers, thanks for taking the time to stop by. Today I am sharing a lovely quilt made by Kerryn owner /operator of The Country Yard who ran a mystery quilt evening last Friday. Kerryn had me quilt the sample up that was shown well into the 'mystery' evening.

Made using dark and light 5" squares this is a gem of a scrap buster quilt! Kerryn asked for an all over quilting design and chose "Resplendent" and I used Warm Grey Glide thread which blended nicely over all the jewel box of country colours.

With the sashing and borders this quilt measures 73" square. The batting is a Matilda's Own polyester. Isn't it a lovely quilting pattern! Below is a photo of the back.

I decided upon finding an over flowing shoe box full of 5" squares I should and NEED to participate in the wasn't a mystery for me but still most enjoyable. I have made one quarter of the quilt so far.

A friend had a birthday recently and I like to give her a gift every year only this year I wasn't sure what to give. Then one day when I was having a play date at my machine something quite nice was evolving that I thought would make a nice present.

I used two layers of batting, one a polyester the other wool and my nice fine thread and really got stuck in with some heavy background fills and feathers. Then I topped the edge of the pretty tray cloth with a few tiny beads to hold the edges in place.

                                      A photo of the pretty back....................................

While out on one of my walks last week I spotted this lot lined up at the waters edge.................

 See you next time!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Quilt making for granddaughters

Hi there! Welcome to my new readers both here and on Facebook. On this fine Autumn day I have two very different quilts to share but they share one thing in common they are lovingly made for a granddaughter.
First up is Jacki's Marti Michell's  sampler quilt. Jacki tells me that she started this approximately 20 years ago! She is delighted to have it finally finished.

Measuring 69" x 87", wool/poly batting, Glide and Madeira threads with medium custom quilting.
Jacki likes straight lines and nothing too 'frilly dilly' in the way of quilting. That said she was delighted to have some blunt end feathers on the pretty floral fabric.

Facebook followers of Quiltmekiwi would have seen how I used a mark free method for the undulating spine part of the feather. Some scraps of batting cut into circles placed evenly along the border.

There was the ditch stitching, the following areas were quite small, I placed a pen to show the size.

 Jacki usually makes outstanding backings, enjoying using up all the fabric from the quilt top.............

        Apart from the off cuts after the binding is attached there are no fabrics left from this quilt!
                Although this quilt was started 20 years ago it will remain a timeless beauty.

Next  on the agenda is Angela's quilt made for her nine year old granddaughter who may have given up thinking her quilt was coming, so Angela tells me......rather cute!

A very similar size to Jacki's quilt : 70" x 90", Angela's batting (I think it was wool) Superior's Fantastico thread "Playhouse" and an edge to edge pattern called "Butterfly Charm".

          Here's hoping after Angela's granddaughter's long wait for her quilt she will be happy!

I came across this photo of Simon and one of our other cats Brian (who sadly is no longer with us).
Although these two weren't brothers they were mates.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Three quilts.....................

Hello readers, if you have been watching on Quiltmekiwi's Facebook page you will have seen some sneak peeks of three different quilts. I am happy to now share them with you.
First is Juliet's stunning Zebra Quilt..........................

Juliet is a pattern designer from right here in New Zealand, this is another one of her original dynamic creations that I have been most fortunate to have the fun of quilting it for her.
I have quilted a few of Juliet's designs and enjoy them each time, there is a lot of ditch stitching that needs to take place, but once that tedious necessary job is over it's onto the fun stuff!!

I chose three different variegated threads for the three 'colour lots' for the eclectic mix of background fills. I used Superiors Fantastico, Madeira and Gunold 40 weight threads. Juliet chose cotton batting. This quilt measures 81" x 64", all foundation paper pieced.

 Because I had used rather 'organic' background fills I kept that flowing out to the border with an 'organic' piano key border. (my definition of organic is "not perfect, not even and very carefree"  quilting....I don't think that's the dictionaries definition :-)

                              Juliet's backing was this beauty, quite a silky piece but lovely.

                                        Here it is trotting back home to Christchurch!

Thanks for letting me loose on another of your quilts Juliet! Please checkout Juliet's blog *here*.

Next is Jacki's Turning Twenty beauty. Jacki has been with me from my very beginning quilting days and trusts and knows I know she doesn't like "frilly dilly quilting" (her words!).

A simple loose stipple, ditch stitching that mustard sashing then piano keys on the border (straight this time no 'organics')

          Bamboo/cotton batting, Signature & Perma-core threads, the quilt measures 68" x 78".

Next is a rather pretty scrappy mostly hand pieced quilt made by Sue for her daughter's mother-in-law who lives in Ireland.

Soft flowing florals, the applique is hand done and pretty much most of the piecing is also completed by hand! It was intended to be hand quilted also but Sue ran out of steam and flushed me out to finish it off for her.

No dense background fills this time, much softer on the quilt and the wallet! I added to the vase of flowers with feathers, tendrils and leaves.

It slipped my mind to take final photo's of the appliqued hearts and vases as I did add some quilting to these at the very end of the quilting process. As my usual order I ditch stitched around the applique's and other places in need of this treatment before the fun artistic stuff starts, it's a bit like when you were a kid, if you ate your veges first then you were left with the best bits for last!

This quilt measures 55" x 55" and the batting is Sue's (cotton I think?) I used Glide threads in the yummy colours of "Linen" and "Peacock".
The central area and pieced border was treated with orange peel and cross-hatching.

The backing was Sue's own, a pretty floral. Thanks so much Sue, I hope this is well loved and cuddled in Ireland!

With those three out of studio what's next? Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's not a quilt until it's quilted!

Hello friends and readers in far away places, today I am sharing Norma's lovely Batik beauty. She has had this quilt top sitting finished for a spell, but as that saying goes: It's not a quilt until it's quilted".

A lovely simple quilt measuring 67" x 91" with such pretty colours much like the upcoming photo of a fabulous sunset!
Norma is not sure who she is giving this quilt to but wanted it quilted, wise women! She asked for all over quilting (edge to edge). I used the popular "Square Spirals" and a variegated AeroQuilt thread by Madeira.

My next quilt is a fabulous foundation pieced Zebra by a very clever New Zealand pattern designer, watchout for sneak peeks.
The last couple of days I have been out having a wee break from quilting, I was tramping to Cape Brett, which is north of Russell in the Bay of Islands. A seven hour tramp one way with such spectacular scenery, I just had to share some photo's with you.

That's me about to start off.

That's Cape Brett! We are heading to that end point.

Sunset on arrival.

Leaving the next morning looking back, the red 'square' is the roof of our accommodation

Cape Brett light house.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Snow in Summer and Midnight Stars

Snow in summer............oh yes please! There is no snow here sadly but a beautiful quilt called "Snow in Summer". It is a Kim Diehl design made by Elizabeth.

That's the before shot and here's for the after quilting shot................................................

Elizabeth made my job easy as her applique and piecing is lovely. I was naturally asked to custom quilt this pretty quilt and Elizabeth chose Matilda's Own Oh Sew Soft polyester batting.

I was keen to give the snowballs some nice movement between the outer snowballs and the inner cluster. It's nice to have some cohesion to blend and frame every design together, I did this by maintaining the cross-hatching through the central sections of each snowball. Hook feather wreaths for the outer section and some straight echoed lines for the central gathering of snowballs.

I backtracked several times over the line of quilting where the cross-hatching lines came together, two reasons: the first to 'hide' my backtracking, the second to create a 'zoom' section for the eye.

A nice detailed background fill of pebbles, swirls, echo's and the odd bit of "McTavishing". The Applique shapes didn't need much more than stitching in the ditch around them and some petals on the flower shapes.

All the quilting was achieved by hand guiding my Gammill with the exception of the cross-hatching and straight lines, I used a ruler for those parts. Because you love the back shots here are two just for you!

Now to share "Midnight Stars" with you. Made by Kerryn of The Country Yard  using two layer cakes by Moda (Black Tie) and a Moda bakeshop pattern to create a lovely sample.

This quilt is leaning on the larger size at 84" square. I used an edge to edge pattern by  Keltia Quilting called "Limetree". It's a nice soft classic pattern. Glide thread "Mocha" was the perfect thread to blend with the creams, greys, tans and black fabrics. The batting is Matilda's Own Cotton/Poly.

                Thank you Elizabeth and Kerryn for your continued support and trust in me.

Lastly I had to share Simon being an "Egg".