Friday, October 17, 2014

custom and all over quilting, plus a couple of wins for me!

Happy Friendly Friday! Hello to all from near and far!
The first quilt I have to share with you is one my customer asked for an all over quilting design.

Slip on your sun glasses for this cheerful zippy quilt! Liz made this whack and stack quilt using batik fat quarters.

I quilted a swirl leaf for the all over quilting using a lovely YLI variegated thread in rich purples and wine reds, difficult to see I know, but trust me, it is very appealing.

Liz has donated this quilt to be raffled at her grandchildren's gala. I am sure someone will be delighted to win this lovely cheery quilt. The quilt measures 60" x 67" batting : Matilda's Own wool/poly.
For the back lovers............................

Next is another cheery quilt of a different kind. Made at one of The Country Yard's  classes called "Loose Change".

Lois is fondly know as 'The Cat Lady' simply because she cannot resist cat fabrics, so much like I cannot resist one hundred dollar bills.....................but it seems my stash is rather tiny, in fact my hundred dollar bill stash does not exist!! You win the biggest stash competition Lois!
I think Lois may have put a dent in her cat fabric stash with this quilt.

When Lois Let me Quilt  for her we went for cross hatching, as I did for my shop sample, see here. The border was given a custom quilting treatment of 'cat' words such as : "curiosity killed the cat" ~ "cat got your tongue" ~ meow ~ pussy cat ~purr like a cat..........and so on and so forth!

The quilt measures 72" square and 50%wool50%cotton batting, signature thread for the cross hatching and madeira poly neon for the border..
Lois made a fabulous backing fabric pieced with some more of those cat fabrics!

a snapshot of the back

Thank you Lois and Liz for your continued supply of quilts.

Now to share a couple of wins I have had recently. The first is from Julie over at JulieKQuilts. I thoroughly enjoy Julie's blog, she makes the loveliest scrappy quilts and her needle turn applique is stunning. As a busy nurse she sure gets many quilts started AND finished! Usually her lovely dog Rosie is on hand to give her approval of any quilts laying on the floor.

Looks like a fun quilt, I have seen a few of these quilts popping up out there in bloggy land. Thank you so much Julie.

Next is actually two wins. Primitive Gathering Magazine and one of the sisters Jeni were having separate know you leave a comment thinking someone will win this lovely prize but not me. Well I won, such a nice feeling.

On Jeni's blog we were asked to name her online sew along. I said I liked the name "A Life of Plenty". Then on the Primitive Gatherings blog I answered one of their survey's. So they bundled up my prizes and sent them all the way down to little New Zealand to me! Thank you so much ladies!. Jeni I think I have all the material's to start your sew along!

Christmas is coming along nicely so if you are wanting me to quilt for you before Christmas you still have time to send your tops to me. See "Let me Quilt for You" for tips and ideas.

Well another week on the wind down, I hope you are all planning a happy weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 13, 2014

lovely customer quilts

Sharing three quilts today.

First is another Christmas quilt, yes folks it's coming! This quilt was made my Marianne. Marianne doesn't like to miss out on The Country Yards mystery stitcheries. They are always popular. You may remember the shop sample I quilted, see here. Marianne wanted her quilt to have the same quilting as the shop sample except replacing the cable with feathers for the borders.

Interesting example of a lofty batting. The shop sample has cotton batting which is a lower loft.

If you would like to see this quilt and many more The Country Yard's annual exhibition is the place to be. Kerryn the owner of The Country Yard opens her home to become a spectacular show of students quilts, block of the months, kits and quilts that were made at the shop's 'Stitch and Chat' days. The 25th of October is the day of this annual event, see here for more details.

Next is Nicki's quilt. A simple design with simple quilting. Nicki had already quilted this herself but wasn't happy with it. Then when she saw what I did to her sister's quilt, she set off on the ample task of unpicking!!!! Then promptly posted it to me.
I quilted an all over stipple through the middle and out to the last border where I quilted feathers then double orange peeled on the corner squares. Nicki also asked me to attach the binding and hand stitch in place, a service I am happy to do.

Ok you back lovers I haven't forgotten you!

Thank you Nicki, wishing you many happy years of snuggling under this quilt.

Last but not least, is a quilt Rachel made for a friend that sadly passed away before Rachel had the chance to finish the quilt.

Rachel decided on an all over flower and swirl meander and something for the border. That something  was a leaf/swirl.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Christmas already?

The Country Yard has started getting Christmas fabrics, so what to do with them when there is a lovely border fabric, panels and co-ordinating fabrics? Make a quilt of course!

Measuring 62" square, Matilda's Own polyester batting and various Madeira polyneon threads I quilted up a storm! Straight lines, meandering curling ribbon, circles, stars, loops and 'organic' orange peel.

One for the back lovers....................................

Last but not least, The Supervisor..........................................

Next is a sample I made from a new pattern out by Lynette Anderson, called 'Welcome Friends'.

The middle section is coffee dyed cotton batting, wool felt and some simple stitchery. The scallops are a lovely flannel check backed with a mustard coloured solid. These are now available as a kit or pattern.

While I was away visiting with my seven year old granddaughter she finished off a small stitched flower she had drawn on quilters muslin. I returned home with instructions to please make it into a bag for her, incorporating the fat quarter she chose and the buttons she had to have!

Taadaa................a finished bag!

So pleased to hear she loves it! Now the next thing Granny was asked to make was a Minecraft quilt!!!

That's all for me, I have more to show you but the quilts are either in the mail on their way back to their owners or waiting for a special event to come.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

delicious texture!

Marcelle has been busy again! Look at this stunning teddy bear quilt. Measuring 66" x 64" this is a lovely sized quilt for a child.

These bears are soft, cute and cuddly, everything a bear should be. Marcelle asked for cross hatching in the background blocks, I did so using a variegated Madeira thread, this was also used for the feathered border. Polyester 'Soft and Bright' batting was used.

I don't often use contrasting threads as it can be risky for several reasons, but I love the risk I took and thankfully Marcelle was delighted! The thread is in soft pinks, greens, yellows and blues, not entirely visible in the photo's.

For the background of the bears I quilted a loopy meander. Look at that face, so lovable!
The quilt is a design by Sewjo Designs, called: "A Daisy A Day".

Marcelle tells me the pattern has a different saying that she was not over the moon about so she changed to : "Round and Round the Garden Went the Teddy Bear, One Step, Two Step, Tickle Under There".
Perfect don't you think?

                       Why not a few more feathers? And how about some more flowers?

                             I love the backing fabric, it seems to complement the quilt so well.

While taking photo's, the supervisor was on duty......................................................

Next up is Elizabeth's cosy lap quilt. A few years ago Elizabeth fell in love with the fabric and had to buy some (sound familiar???) later finding the perfect pattern in a magazine.

Elizabeth asked for an all over design of leaves, flowers, and tendrils. I did so free hand, which is always fun! For the border, feathers!

I used a soft beige variegated Gunold thread over wool batting. The quilt measures 48" square.
Thanks so much Elizabeth, lovely to hear you have the binding on and you are enjoying the quilt.

Thank you for stopping by and to all who contacted me when my blog and email vanished! They were a scary few days! My thanks goes to my husband for his persistence to sort this for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vintage Chic and a taste of New Zealand

First up is another quilt Cat made. Made from scraps and made when she desperately needed some 'me time'.

Cat asked for an all over design through the middle of the quilt, then something for the borders.................Through the middle I quilted an all over swirl, inspired by Judi Marsden, then a loose stipple on the spotty border.

                       This quilt measures 82" x 92", cotton batting and Madeira threads.

The back.......................................

Next is a quilt my accountant ask me to make from a kit she brought from Bernina, called 'Our Place'.
Diane's sister-in-law is a quilter living in Australia and has a special birthday coming up, so Diane thought it would be nice for her to receive a quilt all of her very own, as you know, we quilters love making quilts for others, but not so much for ourselves!

The quilt top came together quickly, then I got on with the quilting. I used cotton batting, Maderia threads to feather the black 'zigzags' and the feather border. For the feature fabric's I used Maderia's invisible thread for the winding loops.

For a bit of 'zing' I chose to use a contrasing thread in red for the swirl/feather on the black sashing, I think it brings out the reds in the feature fabrics. After I completed all the quilting I moved on to attaching the binding, then making the label, lastly hand stitching the binding in place.
The quilt measures 58" x 58".

Diane was delighted, lets hope her sister-in-law is too!

Back soon, more quilts to show you!